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 Macadamia Nut - Air-Layer - 3 Gallon

Macadamia Nut - Air-Layer - 3 Gallon

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This is the real thing folks!! Height is about 25 feet in the ground in Central and south Florida. Up north in containers, they will grow to about 8 feet. They are slow growing and are very dense trees. They are not tropical and can withstand temps as low as 24 degrees though they prefer hot, humid conditions. Flower are small and white and the blooming season is in Spring. They like rich, deep soil and plenty of water. Macadamia's like full sun and are not tolerant of salt. They can stand some flooding and some drought once they have been established (3-4 years). Fruits are ready for harvest from November to March and are eaten fresh or roasted. A very handsome tree and excellent nuts. A must for any nut lover or rare plant collector. A full grown tree can produce 2,000 or more nuts a year. Arkin Papershell Macadamia has a genetic flaw in a part of the seed hush that allows it to be cracked with little trouble. (photo from: