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Brewster Lychee- (Air-layer) - 3 Gallon

Brewster Lychee- (Air-layer) - 3 Gallon

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Brewster or Chen-Tze or Royal Chen Purple is the most popular variety in Florida. Brought from Fukien, China between 1903 and 1906 by Rev. W. M. Brewster. A large upright, spreading tree to 40 feet with foliage. Flesh is white and crisp with a very sweet, perfumed flavor. Grown commercially. Lychee is one of the greatest Eastern fruits and is the most widely sought after fruit in all of Asia. The fruits are 1 1/2 inches, are round and are bright red when ripe. The red skin peals off to reveal a white flesh that is amazingly sweet. They truly are a gem. A Jene's Tropicals Favorite. There is nothing like it. We rate the Lychee as one of the 10 best fruits we have to offer.

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