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Cinnamon - 3 Gallon

Cinnamon - 3 Gallon

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There is an old tale of cinnamon growing under the protection of a terrible kind of bat, invented by the natives of Sir Lanka, to raise the price of it. 95% of commercially grown Cinnamon is C. zeylanicum, (syn. C. verum). The best-known specie is native to Sri Lanka; it is cultivated in many other tropical countries in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, but that grown in Sri Lanka is superior in taste. The tree, which usually grows to 40 feet (12 m) high, is cultivated to grow four to five stems. An excellent sub-tropical spice handeling temperatures to 35 degrees. Cinnamon needs plenty of water every day and responds very well to heavy fertilizing once established. It's simple to this spice: you just peel the outer bark off, the branches, and leave it to dry in the sun. Once it's dry you'll have Cinnamon sticks!!

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