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Meyer Lemon - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

Meyer Lemon - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Introduced in 1908 My Frank N. Meyer for the USDA from a collection he brought back from Beijing, China. He found the plant in cultivation there. It is much more juicy than any other lemon and has only about 10 seeds per fruit. Juice is excellent and has less acid content than other lemons. It is very popular in Florida as a dooryard lemon. The tree is small (to 12 feet) and bushy. The fruit are large (to 3 inches long) for lemons and the tree is nearly thorn-less and much more resistant than any other lemon, to cold. Although the tree is small growing, it will bear a tremendous amount of fruit. The Meyer lemon prefers full sun, fertile, but well drained soil and moderate water. It makes an excellent potted specimen inside or outside. This was the #1 seller in 2002 at Jene's Tropicals. Everyone need one of these, maybe two. They are self pollinating and will produce fruit and flower throughout the entire year. An amazing plant for anyone's collection.

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