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Red Oleander - 3 Gallon

Red Oleander - 3 Gallon

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Originally native to Morocco and Portugal, and throughout the Mediterranean to southern China, the Oleander has been widely planted throughout the world as an excellent colorful hedge, shrub or small tree. Annual pruning is a must to keep the plant full, flowering profusely and compact. Ultimate height is to near 18 feet in about 8 years under ideal conditions. Oleander is quite tolerant of drought once established and can withstand temperatures to just blow freezing with no problems. It is also very tolerant of salt spray, salt water flooding and can be planted on sea walls and dunes. Flowers appear throughout the year on new growth even in winter in zones 9a 11. Oleander can also be container grown. Quarterly applications of 2-10-10 Bloom Booster Fertilizer will keep the plant healthy and increase bloom potential by near 50%. NOTE: Oleander, as beautiful as it is one of the most poisonous ornamental plants and care and thought should be given when considering planting in your yard either as a hedge or specimen. Young children should avoid it and animals including dogs and cats. Oleander is one of the most widely used border and hedge plant in Florida.

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