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Spindle Palm tree - 3 Gallon

Spindle Palm tree - 3 Gallon

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The eye-catching Spindle palm tree is very slow growing and makes an excellent interior or greenhouse specimen. Having a stout gray trunk and bright greenish yellow swollen crownshaft, the spindle palm tree blends very well with other tropical palms. The plant gets its name from the flower shaft which looks like a spindle. They can be grown in containers for years as they are quite slow growing. They have a blue-green crownshaft which makes them look quite tropical. They respond very well to Palm Granular 7-2-7 Fertilizer, during the warm months. They also need occasional application of Copper Fungicide to maintain optimum health. This is an excellent plant for our customers who like the rare and endangered. As with most members of the Hyophorbe genus, the Spindle has been reduced in its natural habitat (Mascarene Islands, specifically Round Island, off the coast of Madagascar). Once numbering in the thousands, the Spindle Palm tree has been reduced to great rarity with fewer than 50 individuals remaining in the wild. They are on the verge of extinction.

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