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Temple Orange - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

Temple Orange - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Temple is the most widely planted Tangor in the world. Tangor is a hybrid of a sweet orange and a tangerine. This cultivar is marketed as 'Temple Orange' so as not to confuse the consumer. It originated in Jamaica and first came to horticultural attention in 1896. A fruit buyer named Boyce traveled to Jamaica after the freezes of 1894-95 looking for new cultivars to introduce to Florida. He found a seedling orange that impressed him and sent bud wood for grafting back to Florida where it caught the attention of W. C. Temple. In 1916, Mr. Temple brought it to the attention of M. E. Gillett who later bought exclusive rights to propagate the unnamed cultivar. Mr. Temple requested, if the cultivar became popular, that it be called 'Winter Park Hybrid'. It gained great fame and in 1919 Mr. Gillett publicly announced the new cultivar 'Temple' in his friends honor. When grafted onto Cleopatra mandarin rootstock, Temple is often more popular than sweet oranges. They are reddish-orange to deep orange when mature, with about 20 seeds per fruit. Fruits ripen January through March. 7,000 acres of groves exist in Florida of this wonderful variety. The tree will reach 20 feet. They can be grown in a container and will reach a height of about 7-9 feet.

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